Mirror riser

the "Clearview-

rearview "


      Mirror Riser and mount

From the factory, the standard Tacoma rearview mirror sits low on the windshield and compromises the view forward.  Our relocator vastly improves driving views through the windshield, retains rearward views, AND gives you something more.  A RAM ball mount for attaching light gadgets.  You may never use it...but it's good to know it's there if you need it.

With Text, Picture, and Video instructions...installing the Tech Deck & Clearview-Rearview are so easy your mamma could do it!


Light-Duty installs in 10-15 min.

Heavy-Duty installs in 25-35 min.


Installs in 2-5 min.



EZ to follow


Like many innovations, the Tech Deck and Mirror Riser were born out of frustration.  We know you've been there too!  Now you can do something about it. There's nothing on the market that comes close to offering the versatility and ruggedness of these two products.  We made them for us.  Now we offer them to you.


      GadGet Mount base

Two guys looking for a better way.  Three Toyota Tacoma trucks (work & play), lots of gadgets, and nothing that worked like we needed it to.  We needed to mount tablets, phones, and GPSrs...sometimes all at once.  Nothing on the market came close to working for us.  So we put nearly a year into designing and perfecting a solution that ended up far exceeding our demands.  We call it the Tacoma Tech Deck.

The Tech Deck STORY


What are you

waiting for? 

Gen II toyota Tacoma  accessories

  (2005-2015 models)  by BirdDawg Industries  

 Bottom line - the Tacoma Tech Deck is:

  • Rugged
  • Stylish
  • Versatile


Tech Deck

the ultimate

gadget mount

Our Tech Deck allows mounting of  multiple devices, accommodates heavy devices with ease, and allows for a variety of device locations.  No mounting option is more versatile.  Configure your setup to your needs.  We make two versionsA General-Duty for light or single devices; and an Xtreme-Duty for multiple/heavy devices, or for off-road use.