PROVEN TRAIL-TOUGH on over 700 miles

the Arizona Peace Trail.

Tech devises flying across the cockpit is no bueno!  Keep your cell phone, GPS, ham radio, GoPros, etc. secure and handy.  Give them a place to call home, and yourself the convenience of keeping them within reach.

Why will you LOVE your Tech Deck?

     -  It's rock-solid.  It ain't floppy like other mounts.

     -  You keep the use of your glove box (installed radio too).

     -  Your devices stay solidly where you put them.  

​     -  Mount multiple devises at the same time.

     -  No reaching...convenient, easy to access location.

​     -  It's versatile...6 different devise mounting locations.

     -  You can mount any/all of your devices on it.

​     -  Your OHV friends will envy your rock hard deck.

     -  Install is less painful than having a baby (we think).

If you have a Polaris RZR 900 or 1000 AND your dash looks like this around the glove box...it will fit

G-II Toyota Tacoma & Polaris RZR Accessories



RZR Tech-Deck  dash mount device holder