G-II Toyota Tacoma & Polaris RZR Accessories


See where you're going


Mirror is raised between 1.5 to 3.0+ inches. Dependent on your preferred adjustment.

Vastly improved forward views make driving safer.  Views rearward are not compromised.

Installs in minutes with only a couple of common tools.  Anybody can do it!

RAM ball mount allows the option of mounting small devices (cell phone, GPS, GoPro) in a spot that allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

A simple and economical solution to the obstructed windshield view of the low factory rear view mirror placement . 

Designed for the Standard, non-electric, rear view mirror for the Gen II Toyota Tacoma.



We don't have to tell you the standard Toyota Tacoma rear view mirror sits inexplicably low on the windshield.  Honestly we grew tired of our standard rear view mirrors hanging so low and blocking our views.   You don't have to be tall for the mirror  to get in the way when trying to get a clear view forward.  It seems I, Bird, spent as much time looking over the mirror as I did ducking to look under it.  It's one of those little aggravations that grows over time until finally you decide to do something about it.  Luckily...Dawg is a machinist with a CNC machine in his small home shop.  It also helped my cause that Dawg owns a couple of Tacomas of his own (personal and business), and he also had grown tired of the low mirror placement.  It didn't take much persuasion to get him on board with the project.  In fact, he took the lead and made this thing happen long before I would have on my own.

So we went to work designing a mirror relocator.  After several  afternoons and evenings in the home shop, and we were ready to fire up the mill.  Getting the dovetails to mesh was the hard part; requiring  many, many redesigns.  Of course, in the middle of it all, we decided to go in another direction and add some versatility and utility to the piece by designing in a mounting location for a RAM mount.   BRILLIANT!

Of course we rushed to install the first of the milled, but unfinished, pieces in all our trucks (3) for testing.  Certainly, after all our work, we were expecting an improvement.  But we were blown away by the way the view opened up forward, without sacrificing any of the view behind.  WOW!  The Clearview-Rearview Mirror Riser lifted the mirror between 1.5" to 3"+ (depending on how you adjust it)...and the whole windshield is now unobstructed left to right through the view line.

Just like with our Tech-Deck, which we made to meet personal needs, and later decided to manufacture for sale, we created the Clearview- Rearview Mirror Riser to alleviate an issue we had with our Tacomas.  But again, after being so happy with the results, we thought why not make enough for every Tacoma owner with a rear view mirror.





Clearview-rearview  Mirror

Elevating your rearview mirRor to

openup a whole new view