Mounts like the General-Duty version but adds two more mounting screws and a backing plate behind the center console.  Provides extra support for multiple devices, heavy devices, or off-road use.

Mounts with three screws on each "wing" (side).  Plenty strong and stable enough for a single or light device use on street surfaces.

General-duty Tech Deck

xtreme-duty Tech Deck

2 versions available

General-duty   &    xtreme-duty

fits 2005-2014


Tacoma Tech Deck

requires your  ram mounting

hardware to accommodate

all your gadgets  

No matter what you want to mount, the Tech Deck is the perfect platform. Cell pone, GPS, iPod, Tablet, CB, Satellite Radio, Ultra/Scangauge, GoPro, Cupholder.

What will you mount ?

Ultimate dash mount base for

Gen 2 Toyota Tacomas

Safety and Convenience 

NO other device mounting exists that is designed to naturally integrate into the design contours of the Toyota Tacoma.  The Tech Deck cleverly tucks away into the dash recess to provide super holding strength while keeping the dash clean and stylish.

Simply put, you mount what you want, where you want.  You can easily mount multiple devices on the Tech Deck.  It provides six different mounting locations...and can accommodate several devices at once.

Unmatched versatility

Unmatched versatility

All-Device capable

The Tech Deck is positioned well within reach and yet out of your driving sight-line.  This allows you to configure your devices close enough to see them while keeping your eyes on road.

the   Tech  Deck

elevating gadget mounts to a whole new level 

The Tech Deck was created out of want and frustration.  We tried many variations of tech mounts in our Tacomas (personal and business) and could not find one that met with our rigorous demands.  We suffered through falling suction cup mounts, sliding bean bag mounts, and vibrating dash, floor, and cupholder mounts.  The demands of off-roading meant we needed something stronger and sturdier than anything on the market. 


So we set out on a year-long quest to devise the perfect gadget holder for our Tacomas.  Our requirements were these:  1) No restricted driving views, 2) Devices well within reach, 3) Close to sightline so you keep eyes on the road,  4) Highly configurable and capable of holding multiple devices, and 5) Most importantly, stable and sturdy as hell.


It didn’t come quickly.  After many failed attempts, we finally came up with a design that exceeded our demands.  It’s the Tech Deck.  We didn’t set out to create a product for sale, just something that worked for us. However, after using and tweaking ours over many months, we realized it’s a mounting solution worthy of sharing with fellow Tacoma owners.

SStyle with Form & Function

the Tech Deck


Lazer-cut 1/8" 5052



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